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Scott's Experience

Educational Activism

Co-founder, former president, Community & Parents for Public Schools (CPPS)

5/99 to present. Co-founded what was one of Portland’s leading school activist organizations. Wrote successful foundation grants, supervised contract staff.

  • Co-led one of seven action teams as part of 1999 PPS Strategic Plan.
  • Initiated and facilitated Portland Public Schools committee to develop training for school site councils, in partnership with PAT, Latino Network, Portland Schools Foundation and PPS, 2001-02. Training manual was written, training was successfully piloted, project was killed.
  • Conceived of and helped organize annual Parent Leadership Conferences, 2001-2011. The conferences drew a diverse group of parents (40 percent were non-native English speakers), initially from PPS and then from five Portland school districts, for leadership development.
  • Negotiated change in principal hiring process, centered on interview teams of staff and parents, 2001-04. Change was implemented for three years and then quietly discontinued by PPS.
  • Developed Back to School Night Budget presentations for 2003-05. Developed 3-minute presentation on PPS Budget, including where the money comes from, where it goes, and information on relevant school funding ballot measures. Recruited, trained and scheduled 30 volunteer presenters for the 60 schools with Back to School Nights.
  • Negotiated change in curriculum materials adoption process to improve community engagement, 2006. PPS improved engagement, recruited parents and relevant community professionals for curriculum committees. Process was forgotten after new textbook adoptions were dropped when funding dried up after 2008 recession.
  • Conceived of and supervised Parent Involvement Assessment Project, including survey of 1,200 parents, focus groups in a dozen schools (mostly Title I) and with targeted parent groups (five different language groups, parents of children receiving special education services, parent representatives from TAGAC). Worked on data analysis and formulation of recommendations, 2006-07. Still very relevant.
  • Led Parent Curriculum Project, which developed multi-lingual workshops for parents on how to assist their child in becoming a better writer. Curriculum was successfully piloted in 2008, but never adopted by PPS.

Portland Public Schools committees:

  • Response to the KPMG Audit, Facilities Committee, 1999-2000
  • Strategic Plan 1999-2000
  • Best Use of Schools (Long Term Facilities Plan Advisory Committee, 2002)
  • Leadership Advisory Council for superintendent search, 2001
  • Bond Committee 2002-03 (never brought to the voters)
  • 2006 Facilities Task Force
  • Long-Term Facilities Plan Advisory Committee, 2012
  • 2012 Bond Committee
  • Grant High School Design Advisory Group (DAG) working on the redesign of Grant High School, 2015-17
  • Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Enrollment & Transfer, 2010-present
  • Districtwide Boundary Review Advisory Committee, 2015-present
  • High school social studies curriculum materials committee, 2006
  • Middle school social studies curriculum materials committee, 2007
  • Various Career & Technical Education committees
  • Site council member at Hollyrood, Fernwood, Grant, Proposed and helped lead Fernwood Visioning Project for transition to K-8

Co-founder, Our Portland, Our Schools (OPOS)

  • Built on groundwork done by Sarah Granger’s parent organizing following the failure of the 2011 Bond
  • Initiated the first meeting at the Lucky Lab which led to the formation of OPOS
  • Served as group facilitator during the lead-up to the 2012 Bond Campaign
  • OPOS successfully advocated for what became the 2012 Bond package
  • Led the subsequent merger of OPOS into CPPS

Freelance organizing

  • Convened the Jefferson Critical Friends, which wrote a counter-proposal during the Jefferson Enrollment Balancing process. Seven out of eleven recommendations were adopted by the School Board, 2013.
  • Helped convene a committee of SE Portland school activists to organize SE schools to engage in the DBRAC process, 2016-present.

School Funding

  • Committee for a Little Class—member of committee that developed a proposal in 1997 for a ballot measure to limit class sizes (under 20 for kindergarten, under 23 for K-3, under 25 for grades 4-8, average of 27 for high school), 1997-98.
  • Leadership roles in 2003 Temporary Income Tax which raised $57 million for PPS and the 2004 campaign fighting the repeal of the tax
  • Treasurer for the 2006 Local Option
  • Volunteer for the 2011 Bond/Local Option Campaign
  • Leadership role in the 2012 Bond Campaign and the 2014 Local Option Renewal

Other Community Service

Former baseball and soccer coach, former president-for-life of the Hollywood Soccer Club.

Professional Experience

  • Regional Economist, Washington Employment Security Department, 11/89 to present
  • Economics Instructor, various colleges and universities, 1986 to present, currently teaching Economics 101 and Economic Geography 207 at Clark College
  • Institutional Researcher, Clark College, 11/99 to 2/01
  • Research Economist, State of Oregon Economic Development Department, 3/86 to 9/89
  • Researcher, Portland Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, 12/79 to 3/83
  • Program Coordinator, Portland Youth Advocates, 11/75 to 5/79

Formal Education

  • M.S., Economics, Portland State University, 1984
  • B.A., Liberal Studies, Oregon State University, 1977, with honors